Real-Time Solutions for Real-World Business

Up-to-the-second accounting.  It means entering transactions and having the information immediately available in all reports and accounts.  Other accounting packages may come close, but that's the hallmark of accounting programs from Champion Business Systems.

Champion accounting programs are favored by many accountants for their flexibility and ease of use.  They are often used as client write-up packages since they have many of the features of packages designed specifically for this market, including form-based data entry screens, retroactive reporting and transaction analysis, quick status reports and custom report writing.

Superior customer service is an essential element to the success of Champion's software products, combining up-to-the-second accounting package.  The company maintains a full-time staff of technical support personnel, available each business day via toll-free telephone lines.  Over 90 percent of all calls for help are answered immediately, and a 60-minute response time is guaranteed.