TGS Features

Any retail store dealing in hard goods or apparel will find that The General Store handles their day to day business functions extremely well. Take a look at its impressive list of features:

Point of Sale

  • Dynamic update of item sales and inventory data
  • Dynamic Unit to Carton to Case inventory management
  • Parts Explosion control for kit items
  • Tracks sales of serial number items
  • Discounts by percentage or multiple prices
  • Barcode scanning
  • Item inquiry before or during sale
  • Access to items by item number or the vendor's order number
  • Add new items at POS
  • Automatic "On-Sale" price management
  • Tracks apparel sales by size
  • Sales tracking by customer
  • Dynamic accounts receivable updating
  • Credit limit checking on charge accounts
  • Payments on charge accounts with receipt
  • Customer lookup by name or number
  • Mailing list management
  • On-line credit card authorization with draft capture
  • Split tender
  • Price Quotes
  • Prints invoices and paper tape receipts
  • Cash drawer management
  • Salesperson tracking
  • Tax calculations and reporting
  • Complete Layaway
  • X and Z reporting
  • Paid Outs

Inventory Control

  • Multiple Pricing Levels
  • Multi-unit pricing - 3/$1.00, etc.
  • Mills pricing support - Fractional cents
  • Automatic calculation of price by markup or profit margin
  • Integrated purchasing with suggested order
  • Parts Explosion supporting multiple items sold as a unit or kit
  • Maintains data on serial numbered items for warranty
  • Price label generation with/without barcoding
  • Multiple vendors per item
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Detailed stock status reporting by vendor, department, and category
  • Item sales reporting by vendor, department, and category

Customer Operations

  • Full accounts receivable support with statements and aged receivables
  • Concurrent balance forward and open item receivable methods
  • Full mailing list support
  • Sales tracking by customer
  • Customer list and labels supporting multiple selection criteria

Accounts Payable

  • Complete check writing facility
  • Terms and discounting support
  • Total invoice control with double-pay protection
  • Integration to general ledger
  • Vendor history reporting

General Ledger

  • Total integration with all systems
  • Advanced journal entry maintenance and editing
  • Detail ledger balance sheet
  • Comparative last year - this year profit and loss statement
  • Fiscal year may begin in any month

Salesperson Reporting

  • Number of sales for each period
  • Dollar amount of sales for each period
  • Profit contribution for each period
  • Automatically updated at POS

Note: This information is reprinted from sales literature produced by Crichlow Data Sciences with permission. VMCS is not affiliated with Crichlow Data Sciences. The General Store is a Trademark of Crichlow Data Sciences.