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Springdale Country Inn
What was first a boarding school for girls, a Civil War hospital, and a stop on the Underground Railroad is now restored with periodic wallcoverings, authentic antiques, lush grounds, and rock gardens.  Springdale Country Inn is located just 45 minutes west of Washington D.C., at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


David Spindel, M.S., C.P.F.T.
David Spindel is a Personal Fitness Trainer who has helped 5 people claim the title of Mr. Universe.  Based right here in Lake Ridge, he can help make your training and weight-loss programs more effective.  He also offers informative articles, video cassettes, and audio tapes.

Gryphon House Books
Gryphon House provides quality books for children and teachers of young children.  Their web site provides literally hundreds of free activities from their books, and information on all of their books for teachers.  It also has The Early Childhood Wonder Room, a series of links related to parenting and teaching young children.


Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers
Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers has been in business for twenty years, and would like to introduce you to the fun way of buying jewelry.  This new site offers great deals on gold chains and other fine products.

La Cuisine - The Cook's Resource
La Cuisine is a retail store with an international   mail order service.  Our goal is to furnish the amateur and professional cook with the best in cooking utensils, nonperishable ingredients, topical cookbooks, pot racks, and linens.


Prince William County Web
The Prince William County Web is another good site to find businesses, government agencies, and recreational facilities in Prince William County.  It also hosts the
Prince William County Chamber of Commerce Home Page with a list of local businesses who are chamber members and links to their home.

Prince William Shopper
Prince William Shopper's goal is to help Prince William County businesses to reach local area residents who are on the Internet without having to go to the expense of maintaining a full-blown Web site.  This service is ideal for small businesses whose clientele is purely local.  The Prince William Shopper allows businesses to place a coupon online, which may be printed and used.


Virginia MicroComputer Services
Virginia MicroComputer Services is your local service computer center, offering maintenance contracts, repair, and consulting.  VMCS also specializes in networking and Point-Of-Sale systems.  Let VMCS get your company on the Internet with a turn-key Internet server, or just advertise your business on our Web Server here.


Terian Wood Products
Terian Wood Products specializes in wood components to your specifications. 

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