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Regional Meeting

 On May 9, 1998 at 3:00 p.m., the NGA Mid-Atlantic Region, including Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C., annual meeting will take place at Essential Fitness, Lake Ridge, VA. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss upcoming plans and events for the region. The meeting, which will be conducted by Dave Spindel, NGA Regional Chairman, is open to athletes, judges, promoters, and anyone interested in finding out more about the organization. In addition, this meeting will present an opportunity for individuals who would like to get involved, with the opportunity to do so.

Contest Preparation and Presentation Workshop

Following the annual meeting, Dave Spindel will present a posing seminar that is a "must-see" for anyone who is either currently competing or is thinking about it in the future. It is also an "ought-to-see" for anyone who wants to maximize their workouts by obtaining better control of their individual muscle groups. Admission is only $10.00 and will cover such important topics as:

What is the NGA?

The National Gym Association (NGA), founded in 1979, is an amateur bodybuilding organization whose goals are to promote bodybuilding events for drug-free athletes. Unlike other organizations, who use random drug testing, in these events all competitors are tested using an in-depth polygraph test which has been designed to test for the use of performance enhancing drugs within the past 5 years. The NGA is the amateur affiliate to the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF), and as such, runs pro-qualifiers for this organization.

NGA pro-qualifiers require that the participants are drug free for 7 years, and that the qualifying individuals pass a urine test, too.

In order to join the NGA, there is a $35 annual membership fee which covers a one year membership from date of registration. In addition to the NGA membership, the fee includes a one year subscription to Natural Bodybuilding magazine.

WNBF Professional News

Effective in 1997 there will be 3 competitive weight classes in the mens' division and 2 in the womens' division. Prize money will be distributed in each class as well as to the overall winner.

  • Mens' Pro Lightweight - less than 165 lbs.
  • Mens' Pro Middleweight - over 165 & less than 190
  • Mens' Pro Heavyweight - over 190 lbs.
  • Womens' Pro Lightweight - less than 122 1/4
  • Womens' Pro Heavyweight - over 122 1/4 lbs.
  • In addition, these weight classes will be in effect for NGA pro-qualifiers. For all other NGA contests, the standard weight classes will remain in effect.

    Calendar of Events

    The following NGA events are scheduled for 1998.

    May 2 - U.S Championships
    New York, NY
    Contact: Charlie Carolla
    Tel: (717) 643-0139

    May 9 - NGA Annual Regional Meeting and Contest Preparation and Presentation Workshop
    Woodbridge, VA
    Contact: Dave Spindel
    Tel: (703) 690-0648 or (703) 690-7815,

    July 18 - Potomac Cup
    Woodbridge, VA
    Contact: Dave Spindel
    Tel: (703) 690-0648 or (703) 690-7815,

    Oct 17- American Nationals
    New York, NY
    Contact Andy Bostinto
    Tel: (954) 344-8410

    Nov 21 - Mount Rogers
    Roanoke, VA
    Contact: Dave Spindel
    Tel: (703) 690-0648 or (703) 690-7815,

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