Virginia MicroComputer Services is an authorized Novell, Artisoft, and Microsoft reseller. With such a broad range of vendors, any size networking problem has a ready solution.  From a two station Point-Of-Sale system with LANtastic to a 100 user corporate Novell server, VMCS has the experience and knowledge to make it work.

The Full Service Difference
VMCS controls the whole process from building the computers to training end-users.  Our systems integrators build machines to your specifications, install the applications of your choice, cable your office, install the machines, train your users, and provide technical support.  With a single phone call or e-mail, your network responsibilities can be transferred to VMCS.  Why not talk to someone today for more information?

The networking specialists at VMCS have been installing networks since 1982.  We've seen the changes in the networking field progress from it's clumsy beginnings to the modern Fault-Tolerant Cluster systems you can trust.  With our experience and our CAN DO! attitude, you're sure to get cutting edge solutions backed by a solid base of realism and practicality.

Leading the Way
Not content to rest on our experience alone, we continue to daily evaluate new products for feasibility and reliability.  We also search for innovative ways to handle everyday problems.  New services are being introduced to handle your business needs, such as our
Internet Publishing services and General Store Retail Solutions.  If you have a problem that needs a solution, let us know by phone or e-mail.