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Virginia MicroComputer Services is proud to offer The General Store from Crichlow Data Sciences.  The General Store (TGS) is a powerful and easy to use software package containing Point Of Sale (POS), Inventory Control, Customer Operations, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Sales Reporting.  TGS is also available in Network and Multi-Store Versions

For a FREE DEMO copy of the General Store, e-mail our automated responder, and it will provide you with downloading instructions.  Or, phone (703) 491-6502 and we can ship you a copy.  Note:  The download file is 1.5Mb compressed.  The demo is the actual program but is limited to 20 inventory items and 5 customers.

The price of the software is $995.00 for a single user or $1495.00 for a network.

VMCS also offers The General Store Companions -- programs that add specific reports and functions to TGS, and help customize it for your business.