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Internationally Known nutritionist and trainer's trainer Dave Spindel, will guide you to that leaner body you have always wanted. This tape presents a 90 minute lecture by Mr Spindel on techniques to reduce bodyfat. His lectures, presented worldwide, are so packed with useful information that most attendees purchase this tape, just to be able to learn the material at their own pace. Whether you are trying to lose weight, firm up, or are a competitive athlete, this tape is a must.

This GUARANTEED PROGRAM will teach you:

  • Specific Eating Strategies
  • Exercise Methods that work, and why commonly prescribed exercises are not effective.

    This audiotape offers the most logical and scientifically sound reasons why your metabolism doesn't have to slow down with age, and what you can do about it. -Yale Kadesky, MD

    I lost 170 pounds following this program -B. Leger

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