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Essential Training Principles
Reviewed by Steve Downs in Exercise For Men Only, Aug. 1995

Essential Training Principles puts Spindel center stage as he takes you through a comprehensive, full body resistance exercise program from start to finish.

For the first few minutes of my initial viewing, I waited for high tech special effects or a bombshell model to explode on screen. The opening credits were rather exciting, so I thought the rest would be filled with razzle-dazzle. Instead it was just Dave and I face to face. I watched and listened ... and listened ... and listened some more. After 15 minutes, I caught myself thinking, "I didn't realize that ... I'll have to give that a try." And that alone is the strength of Essential Training Principles. You'll learn something by watching.

For example, the video host demonstartes ideal variations of basic weight training exercises that bring faster results. Want to thicken your thighs? Dave shows you how. Can't seem to find that most effective pec exercise? This video shows you exactly what to do and what to avoid. Need a personal trainer who knows the nuts and bolts of building a great physique? Spindel's your man.

Having trained dozens of champion athletes and thousands of personal clients over the years, this well muscled Virginian knows his way around a gym. Fortunately, he's also at home in front of the camera, so you come away with the impression that he's training you alone. The best thing about the video is that it encourages you to experiment with a wide variety of mass-building, toning, and muscle tightening exercises to see which ones work best. It's educational, inspirational, fact-filled and very handy; a veritable rep-by-rep instructional video guide.

The tape moves through a full body workout, starting with preworkout issues such as goal assessment, how to maximize training, and how to use the video throughout your program. Then it's on to specifics: Preworkout stretches, exercizes for the abs, legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms and calves, plus suggestions on structuring your workout. All 30 exercises are discussed and demonstrated, including proper form and breathing tips, and appropriate interset stretches. Best of all, these movements can be carried out with a minimum of equipment, meaning you can train at the gym, or at home with a basic training setup.

You'll find yourself coming back to Essential Training Principles again and again to check form, pick up new tips and keep yourself motivated. From the standpoint of easy to use training information presented in a non-threatening, inspring and educational manner, this video is a terrific buy.

©1995, Reprinted with permission from Exercise For Men Only, August 1995.

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